As I said, “so the story goes”. Certain professionals scoff at Taken in Hand relationships because they have a theoretical model of the mind that assumes that our wants and desires should be rational and fully consistent with a prevailing orthodoxy that extols reasoning, seemingly even in the bedroom, over the various types of passion that often bind real people together in happy relationships. And many Taken In Hand participants were never abused or abandoned as children, but still prefer this type of relationship.

The fact of the matter is that all of us are making do with brains and minds that are filled with idiosychratic ideas, confabulations, and downright irrational ideas. Indeed from the well-spring of these contradictions we make sense of the world as best we can and we write the dramas that enrich our lives and give us some measure of peace, security and sexual fulfillment. This is as true whether one has been abused or not. We certainly have no objective standard that defines a healthy relationship.

I ultimately agree with the Taken in Hand reader who says,

If it has made a couple closer and happier for an extended period, surely that is taken in to considerations isn't it?

Why yes, it certainly should be.

by M.D. on 2006 Sep 10 - 17:21 | reply to this comment
Re: erotic interest
A Taken In Hand reader wrote:

The submission described here is an indication of genuine and abiding respect.

I agree. I was not talking just about a woman allowing her man to spank her but about something much deeper. That she allows her man to spank her is merely one manifestation of her abiding respect and trust.

by M.D. on 2006 Sep 10 - 17:30 | reply to this comment
Women with their wires crossed

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